Statistical Software Solutions

Welcome to the RSD Associates web site.  Our site is constantly being updated and improved, with many useful down-loadable articles planned for the near future.

Our philosophy in developing our products is to provide power and functionality without "clutter".  By this we mean that the tools should be .....

An important aspect of our current development strategy is that our products be "COM-compliant" - an increasingly important issue with the increasing use of tools for Applications Integration.

Data analysis and visualization is becoming increasingly important in today's competitive business environment.  RSD Associates are committed to exploiting the power of COM to make our products as easy to integrate with other applications as possible.


Year 2000

Because our products operate within Excel, and use Excel's internal date-handling capabilities, it's easy for us to demonstrate Y2K compliance.  In fact, assuming that your current Excel installation is Y2K compliant, you can purchase our products without affecting the current Y2K status of your IT systems.